Some questions are so legitimate they’re worth answering before you’ve asked them! I’ve gathered some that seem obvious to me here on this page.

If you need help, please have a read to see if your question is included before getting in touch – I appreciate you taking the time to do so, I really do!

Still need help? No probs – just head back to Patreon and send me a DM from there so I can tell you are a legit Patron + what clan you’re a member of.

Not a Patron yet? Then you don’t need to be here because the classroom is for Patrons only, sorry!

You are welcome here, though and if you’d like access, head on over to Patreon to check out all the info you’ll need about pledging your support in return for access to this classroom + way more benefits. I’d be honoured to welcome you to one of the clans over there.

Where can I share my work?

That is a great question, for I love to witness your work. In the first instance, you might consider sharing images of your work on the Community Page at Patreon. There you can choose to write text and attach an image. You can also choose to share your...

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I’m having trouble watching the videos

Oh no! I hope we can resolve your issue.I use Vimeo to host and present all of my workshop + tutorial videos. This means when you see a video here on my website, it's actually being delivered here from their website, using some kind of interwebs magic.If...

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How do I access the workshops for the first time?

You need to be a current supporter of Julie Gibbons Creative on Patreon (tiers Clan Deer + Clan Beastie) to access any of the workshops in the classroom.Content is protected by the Patreon plugin, which is far from perfect, so please be patient when trying...

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