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Mandalas with Meaning : GETTING STARTED  is a NEW three-part mini workshop.

After years of deep mandala study + practice, I’m heading back to basics to explore exactly what makes the mandala such a meaningful symbol and I’m inviting you to join me.

In this mini workshop series, we shall explore the WHAT, HOW + WHY of a mandala practice with integrity.

Throughout the three modules, we’ll play with some creative exercises to help further our understanding together – and you can access the first module completely FREE of charge – with no obligation.

It’s completely suitable for beginners and for those with more experience, and is delivered via easy-to-follow video demonstrations.

This workshop is currently under construction and is only available via the Patreon classroom at present – sorry!

As a creative practitioner with integrity, you already know that the mandala is MUCH more than a cool tattoo design or an outline in a colouring book.

It is a symbol with deep meaning across many cultures + traditions.

The Mandalas with Meaning : Getting Started series of mini workshops is created to help you connect more deeply with the true nature of the mandala in your creative practice.

In the Mandalas with Meaning : Getting Started mini workshop series I invite you to return to the basics of mandala-making by way of;

🔸 establishing a line of inquiry (Module One)

🔸 the formation of an organic creative practice (Module Two)

🔸 the development of a meaningful dialogue (Module Three)

Mandalas with Meaning : Getting Started is designed to allow you to practice a deeper connection with your mandala-making, without becoming over-whelmed. In each module you will practice a range of techniques and construction styles, all of which will serve you in coming to recognise your own mandala style and meaning.

One : Circle Geometry

Understanding the meaning of the mandala via sacred geometry as a line of inquiry.

Two : Complementary Opposites

Working with the mandala as an organic, creative practice or meditation device.

Three : Inner Work

Learning your symbolic language through deep listening and creative dialogue.

Introduction Video : Watch This First

Workshop Feedback

Mandalas with Meaning : Getting Started is brand new!

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