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Three easy techniques you can replicate for a beautiful, individual design every time.


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Mandala art fascinates individuals across the world.

The geometry of the designs, colours and patterns resonate with something deep inside – but for those of us not practiced in the art, the idea of creating a mandala seems far beyond our reach.

I’m a contemporary mandala artist and have taught thousands how to make magic with this ancient art form.

I know (because I’m asked if I’ll do it all the time) that many thousands more would benefit from a simple introduction to the mandala so I’ve decided to share this online workshop for a limited time.

MANDALAS MADE EASY for Beginners contains three separate instructional demonstrations you can use to create beautiful mandalas time and time again – even if you can’t draw!

These fool-proof techniques will help you quickly learn how to create an amazing array of mandala designs and is perfect for beginners.

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for beginners

includes everything you need to design and create unique and stunning mandalas straight away!

Three easy techniques you can replicate.

global mandala Image
alchemy bright mandala image

In MANDALAS MADE EASY for Beginners, I


Reveal three fool-proof techniques you can easily replicate with no previous art experience

Share my mandala journey with a reveal of my very first mandala creations

Provide key tips + information you can put to immediate use.

Once you get started, you won’t want to stop!

Just imagine being able to sit down and produce a beautiful piece of art from your very own imagination, without feeling the frustration of not knowing where to begin or how to transfer what you’re feeling on the inside onto the page in front of you.

You could become a mandala artist in an instant, developing a unique style and over time, establishing confidence in your artistic abilities – you just need to know how.

That’s what this brand new online workshop will help you achieve.

Once you learn these easy methods to draw beautiful mandalas, you can replicate these techniques time and again to produce an infinite amount of stunning designs.

MANDALAS MADE EASY for Beginners is packed with information about mandala design and construction based on my own practice, teaching thousands of mandala magicians over the last five years.

In this workshop I’ve distilled everything I know about constructing mandalas down to the essentials, to make it easy for everyone!

What’s included in



How to instantly become a mandala artist with three easy techniques to unlock your creative potential.

Proven steps to creating beautiful mandala designs without ever having to stop and think about it.

Simple keys to understanding mandala practice as a direct communication from your creative source.

Everyday approaches to understanding the ancient and living phenomenon of mandala, which is calling for your attention.


Why am I offering this workshop free of charge? Simple – I want as many people as possible to benefit from the mandala as much as I have!

The techniques I’ll show you throughout this workshop form the foundation of the construction methods I use in my own mandala practice in addition to being included in the foundation content for my twelve-month program MANDALA DAYS.

Is it the full story? Well, no – I don’t think so. I truly believe that working with the mandala is a conscious practice that offers most benefit when we dig deeper and that’s why the in-depth programs are where I focus my attention and business.

However – there always needs to be an entry point and this workshop can act as a gateway to your own experience with the mandala as symbol.

Learning these few techniques can lead to many years of fruitful and meaningful creative practice for you, whether you decide to dig deeper or not!

In my experience, the mandala is an archetype that is moving through our contemporary consciousness at a rate never previously experienced. The mandala is making itself known. It is coming out of hiding and into the consciousness of the greater population.

Sun Star Mandala Image
Sun Spot Celtica Mandala Image

What people say about my FREE mandala workshops.

Julie shares ‘enthusiastically and contagiously’ her love for mandalas providing you all the information and technical basis for starting your own adventure with the mandala magic, a creative, meditative technique for everyone!


Whether you are new to mandalas or a seasoned mandala maker, Julie will open your eyes to a deeper understanding of the meaning and use of mandalas. Her passion for her subject is evident and she delves deeply. Endlessly fascinating, hugely enjoyable!


[This workshop] is the most enlightening experience that I have had in the realm of creativity. It changed me, my perspective, and opened a door that I thought would be closed to me forever … self-expression in art … will now and forever be a part of my life.


Julie, you are so authentic, creative and inspiring!

Thanks a lot for bringing the magic into creating!


A Bronx girl is magically transformed by the power of mandala. Thank you, Julie Gibbons for sharing your insight and inspiring me to continue filling my voids so that one day I can do the same for others!


Julie is a wonderful teacher. I enjoyed listening to her so much.

It was very inspirational, both in theory and practice.

Thank you, Julie!


These are just a few of countless testimonials I’ve received from colourful and creative mandala artists … just like you’ll be (and I’d love to hear from you too!)

Frequently Asked Questions + Answers!

Who is this program designed for?

Mandalas Made Easy is designed for people of all genders across the world who wish to learn how to design + draw unique, beautiful mandalas.

You don’t need to have any special skills, experience or qualifications to participate. You’re likely to have an interest in creative expression through visual art and feel called to work with the mandala as symbol. In this regard, you may be a beginner or an experienced artist.

Please note: Mandalas Made Easy is an extract from my in-depth program MANDALA DAYS and will reference this work, where we explore the mandala art form as part of the expression of our self-inquiry practice.

Throughout Mandala Days we explore practices to ground your interest in the ‘spiritual’ aspect of being back to your own direct, everyday experience and those who participate have an interest in personal psychology and the innate drive towards self-actualisation.

Mandala Days also provides a structure to contain your self inquiry process, connect your creativity with your inner inquiry and come to more intimately understand your behaviours and actions in the world, so although you don’t need to have an interest in these topics, the content you will receive in Mandalas Made Easy is created from that standpoint.

Mandalas Made Easy is open to everyone with access to an internet enabled device and an email address. There is no gender limitation or age limit (over 18’s only – thank you – although you will be able to share + practice the techniques with young ones!)

Do I need to be an artist to complete this workshop?

You don’t need to have any special skills, experience or qualifications to participate, but will benefit best if you have an interest in creative expression through visual art and feel called to work with the mandala as symbol. In this regard, you may be a beginner or an experienced artist.

You don’t need to be ‘good at art’ to participate, simply willing to engage with the process and see what shows up for you. Using the three foundation techniques (an extract from MANDALA DAYS) you will be able to construct different mandala forms and create a full range of individual designs each time.

If you are already an artist and wish to explore the basics of mandala construction, then you’ll also benefit from the container, structure and demonstrations within the workshop.

If you have previously participated in Mandala Magic or the Five Days of Mandala Magic, then you’ll find this workshop is an evolution of that work, providing you with an opportunity to further develop your unique style.

What supplies do I need to participate?

You will definitely need a compass, a pencil, a ruler and an eraser.

Additionally, you’ll need something to colour in your work and a substrate to create on.

You may work in your preferred medium. That can include watercolours, gouache, inks, acrylics, illustration/paint pens or collage and you may wish to use a mix of these to explore mixed media – the choice is yours!

Your chosen substrate will ideally be A4/Letter size or larger, although you can choose to create smaller images if this suits your style.

If you’re a beginner, then I suggest you work from a limited range of materials until you decide what works best for you. Although it’s tempting to go out and collect a whole boatload of new shiny supplies, it’s not necessary to have a comprehensive range to participate in Mandalas Made Easy.

Throughout the workshop, I demonstrate using a range of fineliner pens and alcohol markers.

Can I join in from my city?

This workshop is delivered to you online, so as long as you have a valid email address and are able to access a computer/device with internet access, you are able to participate from anywhere in the world.

The content will be delivered on this website with a mix of writing, some video and audio, so you will additionally need to be able to stream video and audio.

Do I need to attend classes in real time?

The content is hosted on the website for you to access at your own pace. There’s no need to show up at a specific time, so you won’t miss out if you’re in a different time zone, or need to login after your day’s work.

The content is available for you to access immediately after sign up and is designed to work through in a few days.

Because this is a free workshop prior to the beginning of Mandala Days it will only be available for a limited time. You will receive notification by email prior to it being closed.

How long will the workshop take to complete?

Depending on your experience, you’ll need to allocate up to two – three hours to complete each of the three modules. The workshop is designed for you to complete it within three days.

If you choose to create mandala art with more detail, in a larger format or in layers that need to dry, then you’ll need to allocate a longer period of time.

What happens when I register?

As soon as you complete the sign up process here, you are ready to begin straight away, no delays – yay!

You will receive confirmation of your registration by email (so make sure you enter a valid email address upon sign up!) The email contains a link to the first module.

Please note: The workshop content is only available for you to complete for a short while and you will receive an email to let you know when access will be closed, so don’t delay and begin watching straight away.

Terms + Conditions

Mandalas Made Easy is provided free of charge to you for a limited time period. You will not be asked to pay for this content during the offer period. You will receive emails with information about deepening + expanding your mandala practice in future workshops with me, including the forthcoming Mandala Days program.

You can change your subscription or unsubscribe from all emails sent by Julie Gibbons at any time by following the Manage Your Preferences + Unsubscribe links at the bottom of each email.

All content provided in Mandalas Made Easy is owned by Julie Gibbons and is made available to you for private consumption only. Under no circumstances should any of this material be replicated or delivered to any third party without explicit permission in writing. If you share content created during the workshop, please respect the source and mention Mandalas Made Easy in your post.

Thank you for supporting my small business and helping me preserve my artistic integrity!

When you sign up for access to Mandalas Made Easy you automatically agree to the following terms of use.

Still have questions?

Send me an email to or if I’m online, use the Live Chat button here on the page and I’ll reply as soon as I’m able.

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I love to spread the impact of the mandala and I hope you’ll join me and thousands of mandala artists across the globe in honouring this timeless creative calling.

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