Mandala Events
Through the Looking Glass Artventure

Ceremonial Workshop

February 14th 2016
11.30am – 5pm

Limited Spaces Available

Mandala Workshop

Discover the meaning behind mandalas and learn how to easily construct a beautiful mandala design with confidence during this art workshop. Tailored to your theme. Suitable for beginners, age 16+ (up to 12 people.)

Collaborative Exercise

Bring your audience together for this meaningful experience to co-create a stunning collaborative mandala using found materials. Tailored to your theme. Suitable for beginners, age 16+ (for 6-30 people.)

Chocolate Mandala

Host an extra special mandala ritual with the addition of ceremonial chocolate. This magical plant medicine and superfood facilitates a truly magical mandala experience. Suitable for beginners, age 18+ (up to 12 people.)

Delivering Inspired Experiences for Your Creative Audience.

Individual mandala workshops + inventive co-creation exercises = meaningful connections.

Coming of Age Mandala

It was my daughter’s 16th birthday, and we wanted to really honour this significant moment in her life and mine through a sacred ceremony of ritual and blessing. I got in touch with Julie, and she worked with me to craft a truly beautiful day filled with mandala magic and love.

The Mandala Body Map that we created as part of our day remains one of my daughter’s most cherished treasures. Julie’s deeply embodied wisdom of the mandala offered a safe and profoundly sacred container where we all felt held and guided and inspired in the most exceptional way.

I wouldn’t think twice about turning to Julie again to create more events to honour and celebrate the significant moments of my life and of my loved ones.

Amy Palko

Booked a Chocolate Mandala

Nature Mandala

I was profoundly touched by the recent earthquake in Nepal and knew that I wanted to offer something for the community that would support our connection and deepening of humanity and also as a way to raise some funds to help the people there.

I hugely respect Julie and her depth of knowledge and wisdom-approach to Mandala work and asked her if she could contribute a simple yet meaningful Mandala-creation ritual for the community. It was a profoundly beautiful experience and one that really did deepen our community bonds as well as expand our connection to those around the world experiencing suffering. In the Mandala there was room for everything, and also the return to the core, and to peace, for each of us which was deeply nourishing, fortifying and embodied.

I loved working with Julie! I had no idea I would enjoy this collaboration so much – and such a relief to be able to hand this piece of the event entirely over to her, which she delivered so accurately, appropriately and beautifully, aligned with the vision of the whole offering. The flow and integration was seamless and made offering this particular piece of work such an immense, effortless joy!

It’s really opened me up to the adaptable power of live mandala work as a complete outer form of embodied ritual for deep inner transformation. Highly recommended!

Annu Tara

Booked a Collaborative Mandala

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