Submission Guidelines

Follow the guidelines to ensure your submission meets requirements – thank you!

ENTRIES open to Mandala workshop participants

Have you participated in an online workshop or in person event with Julie Gibbons?

Yes? Then, you’re invited to submit your best work for entry into the Virtual Mandala Art Gallery.

Sharing our work allows us to connect with a community of like-minded individuals who support and understand the work we’re committed to.

This sharing is a courageous act and encourages us to embrace the gifts of our vulnerability as well as developing our ability to communicate from a place of specificity and personal truth.

Learning how to share well is also a part of our inner work. The invitation to respond, which is what you offer in the sharing is an exploration of our ability to be seen in the world as others see us.


1. Choose Your Images

Please only submit images created as part of the Julie Gibbons Creative workshops you have participated in.

Spend some time selecting the work you will feel happy sharing as part of the virtual gallery.

(You are able to submit as many pieces as you wish, although I may not select all of them for display.)

2. Image Photography

When you have finished selecting your works, take some time to photograph them for submission. If you are unsure of how best to photograph your work, check the internet for tutorials. The following videos may be helpful:

How to photograph your art by Tyler Stalman for Saatchi Online.
iPhone Photography: Documenting your 2D Art on a Budget by aftrART

Shoot your image straight on, making sure it is in focus. Smart phone images are fine but use a tripod if you can. Natural light will produce the truest colours.

Example Virtual Gallery Entry

Gallery Image Example


Edit your image carefully before submission so that there is no space around the image, or any other background content showing.

The image should be square. Please retain the natural state of your image, with a true representation of the colours and texture.

You can use a watermark, but please limit the size and make sure this doesn’t interfere with the image.

Save your image as a square .jpg file, minimum size 800 x 800 pixels, (max 1000 x 1000 px.)

4. Accompanying Information

Please make sure to include the following information for EACH image you submit:


  • TITLE (keep it short, please!)
  • DESCRIPTION: max 350 characters
  • MEDIA: specify media used e.g. acrylics or mixed media + inc brand if relevant
  • SURFACE: type of paper/canvas/other
  • SIZE: in centimetres

Example Artist Page

Sample Artist Page


In addition to the accompanying information for each image, please take some time to prepare the following information for your Artist Page.


  • Full Name
  • Country
  • Photo (social profile pic is fine, minimum size 800px)
  • Maximum of 3 links to social profiles (e.g. website/blog + Facebook Page + Instagram)
  • Artist Statement (maximum 100 words) If you’re unsure how to write an Artist Statement, search the internet for articles like this.
  • Paragraph that explains your participation with the workshop/program/event – include the name of the program/workshop/event e.g Mandala Days (50 words maximum)
  • Is the Work for sale? If so, please include an email address for the contact form for enquires.


Before you make your final submission, please ensure you’ve followed each of the steps and included all requested information.

When you have prepared your information, send one email with all of your entries and make sure your message is clearly labelled.

If you have a cloud storage account like Google Drive or Dropbox, it’s worthwhile uploading your images there and sending the links in your message instead of using file attachments. Be sure to rename your image files to match the title of your submission.

I will send a notification of receipt of entries and a further email to inform you when your submission is live. If you haven’t heard from me within seven days, please feel free to message me a reminder.

Here’s to sharing your wonderful creations!