After recognizing the mental battle that ensued whenever I created art, I decided to focus on that instead, and my artist-block officially began. In spite of the 10+ year block, I continued to imagine doing art but turned away out of frustration. I finally took a step out of that mindset and signed up for Mandala Days, believing correctly that the structure and the supportive environment it provided would trick me into making art by calling it something else: mandala making. These mandalas are the fruit of my efforts.

Mandala Days encouraged me to experiment and observe, and sure enough, the trick of not calling it “painting” or even “art” worked on me. I feel more confident and, most importantly, more comfortable making mandalas as well as other art. My artist’s block is pretty much gone. Each mandala holds person significance to me, and after taking Mandala Days, I have a year’s worth of mandalas that chronicle an important year of my life. What a gift.

Marguerite Crew Artist Portrait

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