Scotland, UK

I paint to understand and express more of myself, my life and my experience in the world.  I paint to experience and express my creativity and aliveness. I paint to find answers to questions that thinking can’t reach, and to find ways of being with the unknown and unknowable.  

Through colour, texture, movement and inner listening, I make mandalas that explore boundary, centre and space, inside and out, and the dynamic relationship between these. This exploration is central to my work as an artist, therapist and person in the world.

I paint my experience, I paint myself alive.

I created this work in response to Mandala Days 2018, also drawing on inspiration from my learning from Mandala Magic 2016.  Moving beyond my art journal has felt liberating, with the realisation that I want to bring my work out into the world revealing new dimensions to my creative process.

Karen Nimmo Artist Portrait