Contemporary Mandala Artist, Scotland

Working in the round, inspired by nature and human ancestry, my work investigates relationships between the inner and outer world. Cyclical rhythms such as the eight-fold-year are explored within the context of the current socio-economic-political climate, personal psychology and oft-hidden mythology of my homeland Scotland to inform an exploration of self-inquiry, creative practice and conscious living in these times.

Alongside the development of The Mandala Principle as a guide to right-living, my creative practice sees me concentrate on cycles and circles, the relationship between centre and container, and the symbolism contained therein. Flat, fresh, bright, colours and simple shapes + pattern are the signature of the output.

I formulated Mandala Days to serve further development and understanding of The Mandala Principle and a return to creating public artworks outside of the confines of my art journals and sketchbooks. The resulting body of work is a series of mandala art (on canvas, created in acrylic paint) that is inspired by a line of inquiry focussing on the relationship between land, human and art.

Julie Gibbons


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