Watercolor/Mixed Media Artist, Wyoming, USA

I am a landscape artist living in the western United States.  I work mainly in watercolors and all of my paintings are done from my onsite sketching.  Six years ago I developed a mandala practice and have painted hundreds of mandalas to date.  For me the landscape paintings represent my true love of nature and the mandalas are a way to organize my creativity through symbols, patterns and colors.  

In 2018 I began to explore ways to display my watercolors without glass by gluing watercolor paper to canvas boards and panels and from there I began to use mandalas to combine watercolor backgrounds with acrylics.

I participated in Mandala Days with Julie Gibbons as a way to explore the potential of taking my mandala practice to Mandala Art and to further explore the inner aspects of my mandala making.  The biggest takeaway from my year of Mandala Days is that I have learned to combine the repetitive organized patterns with an abstract cosmic background.  I also came to a realization of what my mandalas mean to me and why I am driven to continue to create them.

All work is for sale.

Julie Gibbons

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