Visionary Mandala Artist, USA

Evolving out of the round inspired by creation and the cosmos my work investigates the relationship between soul and body. Cyclical rhythms such as the inner and outer seasons are explored within the context of dreams, myth and symbolism to inform an exploration of personal psychology, the collective unconscious and the language of light to offer my contribution of healing and restoration to the living library and world soul.

The journey of the soul becoming human and the relationship between feminine and masculine consciousness guide my mandala practice. As a creative I focus on the circle as a living symbol and container of essence allowing the invisible to express itself naturally through symbol, pattern and bright colors revealing energy in motion which can be described as visionary art.   

I began this journey with a fierce creative block and longing to meet my artist self. I am now dedicated to a daily mandala practice that begins in my mandala journal and informs my creative practice. The mandalas I create are purely intuitive in nature. I really enjoyed modules 3 and 4 which helped to provide me with a greater understanding and appreciation for my personal style.

At first I was hesitate to share my work because my final work is not all contained within a circle. However, each symbol evolved directly out of the mandala form which I find quite fascinating. This program has provided me with the necessary tools to full embody myself as an artist. I am truly grateful for this opportunity and am excited to share my relationship with the mandala.

Gena Orlando Artist Portrait