Mandala Symbolism + Art Journaling = MAGIC

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This 5 Day Workshop offers a unique insight into the Mandala Magic method and is suitable for beginners + anyone interested in exploring the process as a creative practice.


In the 5 Days of Mandala Magic, you are invited  to create unique art journal spreads based on CIRCLES • CYCLES + SYMBOLS.

Each day, you’ll receive provocative prompts suited to both newbie and experienced art journalers + mandala magicians.

This nature-based edition calls you to consider the personal + contemporary culture whilst exploring compelling age-old motifs.


These 5 days can help you explore the possibilities of the mandala form. Julie is a wonderful teacher who takes you deep … The course is fun and informative, you’ll come away changed in positive ways.


I was able to follow step by step and Julie made it simple to understand and I now think of mandala much more often when creating my art journals.


5 short days was enough to get me hooked into this amazing circle that is the mandala… I really don’t have words to describe how it made me feel. It has a deep emotional resonance.


Julie is a wonderful teacher, I enjoyed listening to her so much. It was very inspirational, both in theory and practice.


I was not expecting such detail in a free class. The amount of information and the presentation was wonderful!


Julie, you are so authentic, creative and inspiring! Thanks a lot for bringing the magic into creating!


5 Days of Mandala Magic recharged and renewed my creative energies. Thank you Julie …


5 Days of Mandala Magic is a wondrous journey through the magic of shape, form and symbolism. A highly enjoyable and interesting experience on every level.


It changed me, my perspective, and opened a door that I thought would be closed to me forever…



In each lesson I provide a full list of the materials I use, but encourage you to use your favourite supplies + what you already have!

Here’s what I recommend you gather beforehand:

1. Sketchbook/Paper:

I recommend using paper or a journal designed for mixed media or watercolour.  The work is best recorded in a format of UK size A4 or US size 12×9”.

Here are some of my favourite journals:  Moleskine A4 Watercolour Album ; Seawhite A4 Watercolour Travel Album ; Strathmore Mixed Media Journal Stillman & Birn Zeta Journal Canson Mixed Media.

2. Compasses:

Any drawing compasses, with a radius to fit your chosen paper size will work. For some hints + tips on compasses, please see a video I created on this for last year’s 5 Days of Mandala Magic.

e.g. Ecobra Universal Compass ; Helix Drawing Set ; Rotring Convex Compass

3. Ruler:

Any 30cm/12inch ruler will work. I often use a t-square ruler.

4. Pencil:

Any ordinary graphite pencil will work.

I prefer to use erasable coloured pencils like these from Prismacolour.

This is my favourite pencil sharpener.

5. Eraser:

Any eraser you use to rub out your pencil marks will work.

These are some I use in the workshops; Derwent soft art eraser ; Tombow MONO Zero.

6. Pens:

A range of pens is useful for journaling and any fineliners, gel pens or pigment pens will work in this event, though I prefer to use a dip pen and ink for writing, in the main.

Here are some I like to use: glass dip pen ; uni Pin fine line ; Uniball Signo broad pigment ink pen.

7. Paints/Markers:

Basic colouring supplies will work for this event, and I use a range of paints, inks and markers to offer flexibility throughout. Please adjust to suit your current supplies and preferences.

If you’re brand new to this work, a basic set of watercolours will be more than enough to get started with.

Here are some of the materials I like to use: Pitt Artist pens ; Tombow Dual Brush Markers ; Winsor & Newton Drawing Inks ; Winsor & Newton Designer’s Gouache ; Coliro Finetec Watercolour Shimmer.

8. Extras:

Scissors + a glue stick or glue tape – for some collage work.

A selection of literature you can use to cut up that contains words and images. You will also find it useful if you have access to a printer and can print off some images of the moon, but this isn’t a requirement.

In my demonstrations I also use some drawing templates – a template with different sizes of circles, and a template with pentagons.

These are not necessary, and you can trace around household objects or work freehand to achieve the same effect.

Don’t forget some brushes if you choose to work with ink or paint!


Please note: some of these links are affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you purchase the item. I have only listed items I have personally used and recommend.