Mandala Symbolism + Art Journaling = MAGIC

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FIVE DAYS of MANDALA MAGIC returns with BRAND NEW content!


Join us to create unique art journal spreads based on CIRCLES • CYCLES + SYMBOLS.

Each day, you’ll receive provocative prompts suited to both newbie and experienced art journalers + mandala magicians.

This nature-based edition calls you to consider the personal + contemporary culture whilst exploring compelling age-old motifs.

Thank you for your interest in the 5 Days of Mandala Magic. Registration is now closed.

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These 5 days can help you explore the possibilities of the mandala form. Julie is a wonderful teacher who takes you deep … The course is fun and informative, you’ll come away changed in positive ways.


I was able to follow step by step and Julie made it simple to understand and I now think of mandala much more often when creating my art journals.


5 short days was enough to get me hooked into this amazing circle that is the mandala… I really don’t have words to describe how it made me feel. It has a deep emotional resonance.


Julie is a wonderful teacher, I enjoyed listening to her so much. It was very inspirational, both in theory and practice.


I was not expecting such detail in a free class. The amount of information and the presentation was wonderful!


Julie, you are so authentic, creative and inspiring! Thanks a lot for bringing the magic into creating!


5 Days of Mandala Magic recharged and renewed my creative energies. Thank you Julie …


5 Days of Mandala Magic is a wondrous journey through the magic of shape, form and symbolism. A highly enjoyable and interesting experience on every level.


It changed me, my perspective, and opened a door that I thought would be closed to me forever…