Mandala Magic is an amazing experience. It brings every aspect of my being alive. Julie is so passionate and dedicated that her energy will surround your own practice & give you a way of self expression that nourishes your soul.


Mandala Magic in all of its forms has been instrumental in my pursuit to identify, contain, and honor all the parts of me that have been neglected or ignored over the years so that I can walk through this world with love and strength.


Julie is generous with her time, talent and experience, inviting a deeper dive into the art of mandala making that is helpful, insightful and fun.


Mandala Magic has given me the opportunity to connect with my mind, body, spirit, and the universe. They instructional videos are amazing, detailed, and meditative. I will certainly be participating in future offerings to enrich my soul!


I would recommend Mandala Magic to others. I find your accepting and respectful approach a great launch pad into discovering how to connect with the stories and events that influence our lives in a creative and safe way.

A tried + trusted methodology that combines symbolism with intention through an understanding of the mandala form, Mandala Magic is a process used for creative expression, self exploration, personal healing and spiritual practice by those who seek a deeper connection to both the inner + outer worlds.

In this Medicine Mandala mini workshop our invitation is to create symbolic medicine for a world impacted by the current coronavirus.

During the workshop we’ll explore the following aspects of Mandala Magic:

🔸 Intention : Mandala Magic works by introducing a clear intention up front and building this into the work.

🔸 Form : Mandala construction designs vary according to purpose and intention.

🔸 Symbolism : Choosing appropriate symbols that hold meaning according to your purpose is a vital element of Mandala Magic.

Who, What, When?


This workshop is suitable for beginners and anyone interested in exploring the Mandala Magic method.

All you need is your curious, capable and creative self plus your favourite art supplies (something to draw + colour with) + a pair of compasses and a ruler or straight-edge.

How Much?


Medicine Mandala is a stand alone mini Mandala Magic workshop valued at £35 GBP.

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