Mandala Magic Alignment 202021





Welcome, beautiful, to Day Two of the Mandala Retreat Weekend.

Today is a whole new day!

How will your mandala practice nourish you on Day Two?

Use this day to develop your practice further before meeting your fellow creatives in circle.

Let’s begin …


Your Physical Retreat Space

Always a good way to ground and reorientate yourself after a night away in the dream world … before you sit down to today’s practice, take a moment to refresh/reset your space.

Tidy up and clean your creative space and reorganise your art materials, empty and refill your water jars, wash any brushes and resharpen your pencils.

Clear away any incense ash from your altar, shake off any crumbs and loose hairs from your rug/cushions.

Refold your blankets, plump up our cushions if you’ve created a nesting or meditation space for the retreat.

Your Online Event Space

If you feel responsive to connecting with your retreat community, check in to the Facebook group and record your experience on this new day as you wish.

Don’t forget to ask for feedback, contributions or witnessing if that’s what you’re looking for. 

The act of sharing is a powerful step in the creative process. 

Day Two Intention

Take a moment before you begin today’s work for a quick assessment of where you might begin.

Were you able to align yesterday’s creations with your intentions?

What is your plan for today’s retreat time? Do you need to set a new intention?

Remember, we have a 3 hour live Zoom gathering today (the Autumn Fair). It’s a chance for us to gather in virtual and create a mandala of our choosing.

Is this all the time you have available today, or might you spend some extra time working on your mandala practice?

The details you need to join today’s gathering  are listed below, with some additional prompts and ideas underneath that, towards the bottom of the page, for added inspiration.

Don’t forget to move your body today, get some fresh air if possible and stay hydrated. 


Day Two : Live Gathering Details

The Autumn ‘Fair’ today (Saturday) is an opportunity for us to join together in real time in a virtual circle to create some mandala art and (depending on numbers) spend some time sharing our experience and connecting with each other.

There will be no specific tutorial or exercise directions – it is up to you to decide what you want to work on for the duration. It’s an ideal opportunity to catch up with ALIGNMENT 20/21 exercises, or develop your practice further.

I will share my own creation on camera so you can see what I’m working on, although you don’t need to show your work on camera unless you feel comfortable to do so!

Date: Saturday 4th September
Time: 6.00pm – 9.00 pm BST (check the time in your location here.)

The live circle will take place via the Zoom interface, which is simple to use and all you need to join the event is good internet access and video + microphone access via your laptop, mobile or desktop device.

If you haven’t already attended a Zoom event, you will need to download the app before you attend, so it’s probably best to do that now rather than wait until the day itself.

It’s super quick and easy!

Zoom is available for desktop/laptops (PC + Mac) and mobile phones + tablets (iOS + Android) and you can find out more about getting started with Zoom here:

Windows PC + Mac:
Mobile Devices:

To participate you will need to make sure your audio and video devices are working and you can test this before you join the event. (Although there is no requirement to show yourself on camera if you don’t wish to, it is helpful for your co-creators to see you in person, at least for the beginning and end of our gathering.)

Here are the details you will need to join the circle on the Saturday:

Follow this link to join the Zoom :

You may be asked for the following information:

Meeting ID: 820 7633 8604
Passcode: 290722

Before joining the meeting:

  • check your timezone before our meeting starts so you know the right time! Time given is for the UK on the BST (GMT/UTC + 1) timezone.
  • make sure you have your speakers/headphones plugged in and turned on if that’s what you are using to listen.
  • close down all other programs on your computer such as pages on your browser, iTunes, apps, Skype, etc. It’s usually beneficial to close everything down and do a computer restart before webinars, as audio apps such as Skype can interfere with webinar software.
  • I’ll be using a sonic mandala that lasts about 1hr 30mins to hold the space for our creative time but am unable to broadcast it, due to copyright issues. If you prefer to work to music and would like a soundtrack to mark your time, please choose from any of the previous sonic mandalas from ALIGNMENT 20/21 or use this Body Blessings playlist created for a past Patreon event. Alternatively, set your timer for 1hr30mins.
  • organise a distraction-free space with phones off, etc.
  • gather your mandala journal + art supplies to hand and any snacks and beverages to keep you nourished throughout our session.

Joining the meeting:

  • I’ve scheduled our meeting to start at 6.00pm so please arrive on time so we can begin as soon as possible – thank you!
  • there will be opportunities for comfort breaks throughout and you’re free to join and leave the session anytime.

Affirmations Mandala Practice

Positive affirmations are powerful statements anyone can use to help change a belief or behavioural pattern and also to align our external actions with our carefully crafted intentions.

They are super simple to create and use and can have astonishing results. In fact, they are so simple that most of us overlook them, dismissing them as a lightweight psychological tool.

The truth is, many of us already use affirmations regularly – it just so happens that they can most often be negative affirmations!

Spending time creating your own positive affirmations is a valuable exercise at any time and can be as simple as making a written list of them in your journal from time to time.

Here is a quick creative exercise that you can use at any time to help cultivate personal resilience, strengthen self-worth and align your inner and outer worlds.

This video is 03:56 mins duration + supported by closed captions in English.
Click on the CC button on the bottom right of the screen to toggle on/off.

positive affirmations

What do you feel moved to create today?

What is your muse asking for?

How can you best soothe/invigorate/surprise yourself with art in this moment?

Reflections and Processing

Before the day’s end, it can be helpful to spend some moments in quiet reflection of what has arisen for you throughout the day and during the Zoom gathering, if you were able to attend.

Spilling your thoughts onto the page before bed is a useful way to let go of some of what has occurred, providing you with something of a clearer mind to aid a restful sleep. It’s especially useful if your creative brain has been activated and is eager to take action.

If you’re recording your retreat experience with selfies, see how your image can best represent your day and consider using a prop to enhance the story. Building up a series of selfies in this way can be an incredibly powerful way to document a specific period of time.

Used well, your journal can take on the guise of loving companion and listener – perhaps even growing into something of teacher or guide – but morning journaling often turns into an exercise of list-making about what you hope to achieve in a day and an evening journal session can simply be a record of what you did.

Whilst being an opportunity for you to enter into a dialogue about your life is especially useful for planning, or f you wish to know when you took a particular action, it isn’t soul-work.

For that, there is a requirement to go deeper, though this might only be possible for you once you have recorded all the mundane events of the day.

Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages technique is a great way to spill all of the mundane happenings of your life onto the page, to make room for what’s vital.

Your retreat schedule provides you with an excellent opportunity to begin or revisit the Morning Pages technique, clearing the way for your creative imagination to activate that which is of most benefit and has most meaning.