Mandala Magic Alignment 202021

ALIGNMENT 21/22 Live Events : Summer Fair

Summer fairs are kept alive in many geographies and are close to my heart, with memories of attending many galadays throughout my youth.

These events were the bedrock upon which the community would come together in union and celebration of life, no matter how difficult times were.

Although we can’t gather and celebrate in person, we can gather via the power of Zoom and share our experience together.

Please watch the video replay, which is only 1hr long to participate in our creative exercise and share with your fellow Mandala Magicians!

Before you begin, please note that there will be a short creative exercise to participate in:

Your task for the rest of our year together is to complete the remaining blank spaces after completing modules 5-8, using the knowledge you’ve gained over the year and during this session. 


Summer Fair Replay

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