Julie Gibbons Creative is a small contemporary creative studio making symbolic art, workshops + events.

These offerings are wholly concerned with place + purpose, whether that’s Julie’s body of work as an artist, or in the programs and events she shares with participants from all over the globe, particularly as Founder of the Mandala Magic School.

Julie’s home place is Scotland and it is both her ancestral heritage and the land itself that roots her here. Her work references the prolific prehistoric art + archaeology of what we now call Scotland as well as the folk culture of its lands and people.

This is not an exercise in antiquarianism, but instead uses an interdisciplinary approach to creative practice to consider new/old ways of living and creating in the here and now.

At work is a decolonisation process of body, mind + soul, aided by an interpretation of human culture and an understanding of the natural world across time, rooted in place.

The methods she employs involve developing a relationship between the Self, the creative life-force and the environment and all bodies (human and more-than-human) within it.

The process is about harnessing our curious, creative and capable minds by means of a robust creative practice based on critical analysis, ancestral wisdom and all functions of the psyche, including thinking, feeling, sensing + intuition.

Please feel welcome to join her in this work and consider this an invitation to discover meaning in your creative impulse in the face of the world’s many crises + together we shall create culture that reflects the times in which we live.

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Julie Gibbons



Working in the round, inspired by nature and human ancestry, my work is response-based and investigative.

Cyclical rhythms such as the Scottish seasonal eight-fold-year are explored within the context of place and time, to inform an exploration of personal + collective symbolism, creative practice and wanderings/wonderings in nature.

My practice sees me concentrate on cycles, circles and symbols – the relationships between and the symbolism therein, as they relate to my assignment of being human in my particular locale, in these particular times.

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