This transition of menopause offers much in the way of creative inspiration.

Trying to manifest the inspiration into output is proving to be more difficult!

Here’s a wee poem I wrote in response to my chosen word of the year, courage.

To choose, courage or collapse – this is what’s available to us in times of crises. 

In honour of all those who can’t choose … I call for ceasefire from the deepest chasm of my unfathomable being.

In case you prefer to read, or need a wee bit of help to understand me, here’s the transcript:

She is privileged
to have two choices,
courage or collapse.

To collapse might end
the persistent,
tiredness of each day.

She imagines collapsing,
rehearses and fantasises.

In the midst of dinner,
she could simply slide
down the kitchen cabinets,
a puddle
on the


Today, the tiredness is vanquished.
For no discernable reason, 
an absence
where yesterday’s tiredness

Ashamed and abashed, she finds vigour renewed and motivation restored.
The fog parts and the road ahead is a to-do list longer than her remaining years.

All she needs is more discipline.
More time!
Better nutrition!
More sleep!
All she needs is to get serious.


A new day and
she stares at her planner.
The text, a trickster dancing on the page
won’t stay still,
she can’t catch it.

But she’s holding on… and summons COURAGE.

Courage to not collapse
Courage to turn the page
Courage to make mistakes 
Courage to share.

Courage to not look away
Courage to speak up
Courage to stay silent.

Courage to grieve
Courage to love
Courage to stay the course.

To choose courage is her privilege and she holds on, in honour of all those who can’t.