There are only ten days left in this current cycle of my signature Mandala Magic course, ALIGNMENT and I’d hoped that I’d be able to segue directly into opening the Mandala Magic School and its launch event, Mandala Secrets.

After so many years of hosting the Five Days of Mandala Magic event in November, it feels like these few weeks are synonymous with thousands of magicians spreading mandala love around the globe.

Alas! It is not to be.

This year I’ve set out on one of my most ambitious projects yet – to shift my mandala teachings onto a dedicated platform and Mandala Secrets is the first event hosted on the new platform.

I’m super proud of the new content I’ve filmed for Mandala Secrets and also a new mandala course for beginners, called Circle Magic. Together with ALIGNMENT, this content provides a brilliant introduction to the Mandala Magic process and a robust foundation upon which I can launch the school.

But – it’s taking a huge amount of effort to make sure everything is in order.

When thousands of folk turn up at the door, the last thing I’d want is to turn them away because something’s not quite right.

So last week I took a step back, breathed deeply and made the difficult decision to delay the opening of the school for a few weeks (until 16th January 2023.)

I know that for you this might not be a big deal but for me it’s pretty impactful and it’s taking a while to process.

It’s particularly impactful in terms of finances, as Alignment is my main source of income, so as that income stream draws to a close, I’m very grateful to my Patreon community for helping to keep the fires burning here at Julie Gibbons Creative.

In fact, my Patreon community has been something of a life saver this year and I love the sharing we do there, as well as our Creative Ceilidhs.

And, so if you have enjoyed my content over the years, whether in the original Mandala Magic, during the Five Days of Mandala Magic event, in Alignment or otherwise, please do consider joining us over on Patreon.

You can join from only $2USD per month (Clan Salmon) and catch up with my vlogs and other content or join Clans Adder, Deer or Beastie from only $12USD per month and join us for our regular creative gatherings – the ceilidh.

Our next and final ceilidh of the calendar year is scheduled for Sunday 18th December. More details over at

A warm welcome awaits you!

Otherwise, I look forward to welcoming you to the Mandala Magic School in January.