There’s a Scots verb that we use to describe the act of nestling into a space (or person) that feels particularly appropriate at this time of year – to coorie

October is the month that sees me welcome the art of coorying. My particular version involves draping myself in soft fabrics, copious amounts of hot drinks and plenty of good books to read and listen to. There’s also lots of baking and as many log fires as someone who lives in an attic flat without a stove or garden can get their hands on.

Coorying helps manage my anxiety and I spend quite a lot of time in this mode, or being actively creative around now. It’s a direct response to the spiralling inwards that is our natural response to the shorter days and colder temperatures.

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to coorie in at The Lint Mill for a mini creative reatreat. I did manage to catch some glimpses of my time there on camera and shared a mini film with my Patreon community – I honestly can’t wait to return.

What does your idea of a creative retreat look, sound, taste and feel like? How would it be different from your usual environment?