It’s been almost a year since I last blogged here.

Honestly, it wasn’t in the plan to be absent for so long. 2022 has just been really full and my attention has been somewhat diverted.

If you’re in my year-long program, Mandala Magic Alignment, are a member of one of my Patreon Clans or signed up for my Solar Circular newsletter, then you’ll be aware of the reason for it:

The Mandala Magic School is scheduled to open in November 2022.

Transformational practices to find meaning and create connection through mandalas, symbolic art and journaling.

It’s the biggest shift in my creative business in ten years and I’ve been working super hard behind the scenes to pull it all together for most of this year.

As is the way with these ventures, it’s taking massively longer than I had imagined, or planned for. I’ve hardly had the time to visit my painting studio and have spent most of the time in my home studio, at my desk on a computer…

There’s just been so much going on behind the scenes, including branding (which I love!), designing a new website (I’ve been finding this quite difficult), researching and installing a new membership system (so much new to learn!), researching and operating a new email management system (again, with all the new!), installing new payment gateways and loads of other backend tools you’d never imagine you’d need to begin this new venture.

There’s also fresh content, of course.

The first of these is an event,

Mandala Secrets: Fresh Ways to Transform Your Mandala Art – and it’s coming in November 2022.

It’s free to attend and I’ve designed it to help anyone who wants to turn their attraction to mandalas into unique and meaningful mandala art, even if they’re a complete beginner.

This is going to be a really great event and it’s helping me to have that to focus on as a next step towards launching the Mandala Magic School.

Big changes mean big effort, though – and I will admit, it isn’t always easy, especially when menopause is in full happening mode!

Being in touch with my Alignment and Patreon communities is helping me make it through. I’ve also got some extra professional help and planning on much more of it.

It’s true, it does take a village, even for those of us who, like me, spend a lot of time dwelling on the edges. If you’re even so much as a remote and occasional guest in my village – thank you for being here.

I am genuinely excited to share this next chapter.

Visit the Mandala Magic School here.