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I just celebrated my 2 year anniversary of being a Patreon creator! I know Patreon is still a new platform to many folk, so I decided to try and summarise how I work with Patreon and what benefits there are to joining me there.

🔸 Patreon is a platform that allows creators to connect with folk who, in return for a small monthly pledge, are rewarded with exclusive benefits.

It is no less than a radical, feminist and anti-capitalist act to support artists with your patronage … it takes all of the social media algorithms out of play and puts the relationship directly back into the hands of the creator and the follower, for one thing!

By contributing a small, regular amount Patrons help me both pay my bills and invest in my business, creating more work that touches souls right across the globe.

It means I can count on a certain level of income each month, without having to always wonder where the next pay cheque is going to come from.

🔸 In return Patrons have immediate access to many exclusive benefits, depending on which tier they choose to join.

I’ve called my different tiers Clans, after the ancient Scottish system of kinship and you can check those out over on my page. Will you join Clan Salmon, Adder, Deer or Beastie?

Join any tier and you’ll be able to ;

  • read my blog posts + other sharings
  • view behind-the-scenes content including exclusive VLOGS
  • receive a discount code for any public workshops
  • gain early access to my sonic mandala playlists
  • and even join our informal book club.

Clans Adder, Deer + Beastie are also invited to join me in exclusive live events I call ceilidhs (approximate pronunciation = kay-lees,) where we create together in real time and share in circle afterwards (recordings are available for Clans Deer + Beastie.)

AND Clans Adder, Deer + Beastie are able to enter my Patreon Classroom for immediate access to creative workshops not available anywhere else – including the popular 5 Days of Mandala Magic series.

🔸 Patrons can move in/out and up/down as befits their circumstance and pledges to my page begin at only $2 per month.

Patreon offers flexibility to both myself as an artist and Patrons – there’s no minimum or maximum term of engagement.

It’s a space where I feel safe to be wholly me and can engage more intimately with an audience of like-minded folk who I come to know and count as my inner circle.

And, Patrons don’t have to engage or take part in everything – there’s no pressure to perform, be seen or do anything at all if you don’t want to.

🔸 With patronage, I can step out of the hustle to focus on the work.

In my case, I create + teach symbolic art, including the beloved Mandala Magic online art + journaling program and this work is supported by Patrons whose support allows me to develop new + improved content including FREE versions of my workshops (like the 5 Days of Mandala Magic), art films and other events.

Patrons provide inspiration as well as receiving it and help me make decisions about what work is viable before I share it more publicly.

🔸 Even the smallest of contributions allows me to continue to create meaningful art, workshops + events. In this, we’re creating culture together – in new/old ways.

Patron support allows me to research and develop a variety of content that is culturally relevant, (hopefully) inspirational, rooted and responsive. At present this includes ;

  • Creative tutorials + workshops
  • Virtual live gatherings + events – the ceilidh!
  • In person community creative workshops + retreats (on pause due to Covid)
  • Mini documentaries/creative films
  • Meaningful personal art
  • Informal book club

🔸 In return, Patrons are invited to forge community and deepen relationships, contribute to culture, create meaningful art, and receive guidance and tutorials for art-making in new + interesting ways, by paying attention to circles, cycles + symbols, from soil to soul.

Patrons will always be encouraged to develop their curious and creative mind, to think new + radical thoughts, ask difficult questions + receive mindful answers.

Here’s a quick tour of my Patreon Page to give you an idea of what I share there …

This video is 15:31 mins duration + supported by closed captions in English.
Click on the CC button on the bottom right of the screen to toggle on/off.

I think of my Patreon as a container for connections and conversations with curious creatives from across the world.

I also choose to support independent creators over at Patreon, including art-makers, musicians and movie-makers and think of it as a revolutionary way to offer my support in a way that works for both parties – especially in these uncertain times, where live events are all all but impossible.

In some instances I want to offer support that doesn’t require me to buy tangible goods. In this way I know I am making a difference directly to the bottom line of the creators monthly income.

So, even if you don’t want to participate in live creative circles, or follow along with an online workshop, you can still offer your support for my business by joining my Patreon and pledging only $2/mth.

I love small pledges like these as I know that alongside the other small pledges made by Patrons, we are collectively making a direct impact on the viability of a creative business going forward.

Here be Magic

SPECIAL OFFER (*** this offer is now closed!)

For the month of April, everyone who joins my Patreon will receive a mini journal by post.

This HERE BE MAGIC notebook is made from recycled paper.

Designed with blank pages for you to fill with inspiration in words and image, these wee books can easily be taken out into the field with you for some plein air journaling, or kept on your bedside table to record the vivid world of your dreaming imagination.

Patronage – however small – seems like a direct call-to-action in these times where creatives are being asked to consider the viability of their careers!