We are mid-way through the eight-fold year already! It’s not hard to believe when you’ve been working through a program that follows the solar cycle closely in the way that Mandala Magic : ALIGNMENT does.

Even in unconventional situations like ‘lockdown’ this program has provided a valuable compass on the map that is the cycle of life, as we watch the seasons change.

And watch them we do, often … You see, ALIGNMENT works with eight seasons, following the calendar of the old ways here in Scotland and beyond. Right now, we’ve entered into the time of the Big Sun – the summer – and are watching that build as we head towards the solstice.

Lately, I’ve received requests from folk who’ve been wanting to join in with the Mandala Magic process but who missed the sign up for ALIGNMENT back at the tail end of 2019 and so whilst I’m sharing a part of the process for FREE in the Medicine Mandala mini workshop, I’ve also opened up fresh spots in the ALIGNMENT program at a sweet 20% discount.

This is insane value, with immediate access to four modules full of beautiful content to explore in your art journals and beyond, with another four to come. There’s a bonus addition of all five days of the Circles, Cycles + Symbols edition of the Five Days of Mandala Magic and I’ve even added a payment plan for those who are feeling the financial pinch right now.

I recently collected mid-way feedback from those working with the material and have to say this might be the best feedback I’ve received yet – which is really fantastic, as this is the best work I’ve shared so far!

Fellow creative and art teacher, Briana wrote this, “Mandala Magic touches that deeper part of your soul, that longs for ritual, meaning, and beauty. There is so much rich content offered here. Julie does a phenomenal job of sharing bits of herself, while also offering wonderful art instruction on the mandala making process. I highly recommend Mandala Magic-Alignment, or any of her online courses.”

It’s an honour to work with the ways of my ancestors and bring that forward to meet the demands of our contemporary existence in these troubled times and share with like-minded creatives.

If you had been thinking about joining us in ALIGNMENT, please consider this invitation to participate. The content is downloadable to keep forever, so even if you wished to begin at Midwinter, then you could buy it now, benefit from the discount and begin when you’re ready!

Find out more and sign up here.

This offer is open only for a short while, so please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions you may have – I’d love to welcome you there.

5 Days Bonus