A few weeks ago I created a medicine mandala as part of the response to the situation I found myself in as governments across the world reacted to the impact of the coronavirus.

I filmed the process as I intended to share it as a workshop over at Patreon (all Patrons benefit from various rewards) but even as I recorded it I wanted to share it more widely.

You see, as well as acting as a creative response to how I felt at the time, I realised that the medicine mandala I’d created nicely demonstrated the Mandala Magic process I’ve worked with for many years – and if ever there was a time for some communal medicine, then I reckon now is that time!

So, I’ve made the workshop (which is a mini Mandala Magic workshop, I guess) available to everyone who signs up and wants to take part.

There’s no cost associated with it and no obligation to complete the work even if you sign up.

The caveat is that it will only be available for a limited time before it heads into the private Patreon classroom.

Take part and you’ll learn more about the Mandala Magic process as well as creating your own version of a Medicine Mandala dedicated to your chosen cause, subject or person.

The workshop is available from Saturday 23rd May.

Interested? More info + sign up here.

A tried + trusted methodology that combines symbolism with intention through an understanding of the mandala form, Mandala Magic is a process used for creative expression, self exploration, personal healing and spiritual practice by those who seek a deeper connection to both the inner + outer worlds.