Here in Scotland there is no doubt that this cross-quarter day in the 8-fold year has been marked since time out of mind. In the Scots Gaelic it is Samhuinn, a festival later Christianised as All Hallow’s Eve, transported over the ocean to the Americas and brought back to us via Hollywood as Hallowe’en.

Stories, meanings and traditions change from region to region and have evolved over time but here on this land, the monuments, myths, lore and traditions all provide evidence of a long-standing marker on the wheel of the year.

That this date marking the absolute end of the Big Sun and the time of the Little Sun is still celebrated with such ebullience by a largely secular populace greatly supports its potency, the continuation of culture being such a major casualty of the colonialist and capitalist systems we’re subject to.

The dark season ahead is heralded by the tricksters, soothsayers and story-tellers who tell of a time long linked to the ancestors, the dead, otherworldly realms, ghosts and ghouls, faeries and other ‘elphin’ creatures – what we might now call the unseen. Fire is the element that reigns and so it is that this ritual begins with fire.

This is an art journal ritual exercise so you will need your usual art supplies – full details will be provided in the ritual guide.

Hosted in my exclusive Patreon classroom, this video demo + accompanying guide will be available from 1st November to Clans Adder, Deer + Beastie and is a perfect solitary or communal activity to tend your soulful Samhuinn. Join us by 31st October to take part.