Autumn is the most poetic of seasons, wouldn’t you agree?

As we prepare to greet this latest juncture in our eight-fold year – the Autumn Equinox on Monday 23rd Sept – I was inspired to create a video poem in tribute. No great, sweeping epic – rather a modest visual journey from Lughnasadh through to the Equinox, all here on my doorstep. Click on the play button in the image above to watch – it’s only 10 minutes long (and don’t forget your headphones.)

Oh, it’s a simple life I lead and simple pursuits I hold most dear. Playtime in the woods and time spent at the river with soft gaze and long deep breaths ; drawing and painting, crafts and connection ; tasty organic food from the local veg box ingredients … and art as ritual.

Art as ritual

Creating symbolic art is a ritual in itself. Oh, yes.

Perhaps it’s taken me a long time to feel fully confident in this viewpoint, always looking for more meaning, more purpose, more, more, more … going deeper, wider, bigger …

But here I am having had enough personal time this year to gain a fuller understanding that in my almost entirely symbolic life and related art projects there’s little need to add even more ritual on top.

My art, my creations, these wee films I’ve been making : they’re unlikely to win awards (tho’ I do hope I’ll keep improving), but they’re full of such deep meaning, great symbolism and heartfelt intention, each is a ritual in the making.

  • Where in your life might you discover you’ve been creating rituals that hold deep meaning in their own right?
  • Might you be inspired to create an offering to celebrate the pause in the wheel of the year as day and night become equals?

Whether north or south, vernal or autumnal – may your equinox arrive and allow you some pause to connect your inner world with the outer world.