This month’s Patreon ceilidh is a live, online mandala-making circle, available to members of Clans Adder, Deer + Beastie. Not a member? No problem – there’s still time to join us, if you wish.

The space I’m creating at Patreon is designed to spark conversation, express curiosity + share creative inspiration – in other words, create culture. Over there, I am sharing creative tutorials, studio vlogs, live events, behind-the-scenes access + tangible merchandise.

All members who join during July + August will receive a small bundle of artful gifts created by me, wrapped with love and sent through the post to reach you in person.

“Where there is a wound on the psyches and bodies of women, there is a corresponding wound at the same site in the culture itself, and finally on Nature herself … Although a woman may not be able to stop the dissection of culture and lands overnight, she can stop doing so to her own body.” – Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes

The Shape of Our Beliefs : Ancestral Bodies
Sunday 28th July • 6pm BST • Online


Our event will take place live, in real-time at 6pm BST* (check your timezone here) and will be broadcast via the super-easy to use Zoom platform. With internet access, you can access Zoom via your computer, tablet or smartphone from anywhere in the world.

You will need good internet access to participate + be able to listen to audio. The event will last approximately 2.5-3hrs, including sharing/Q+A time.

*Members of Clans Deer + Beastie will also receive access to the recording


Explore the topic of the female body + self-image and its relation to historical accountability + ancestral wisdom, through the lens of symbolism.

Consider the ancient belief systems that relate the female body to the landscape, the sacred aspect of this and its impact throughout time, right through to the contemporary experience.

Undertake a creative exercise that draws upon the images of ancestral imagery as a reflection of  the holy nature of women’s bodies.

Participate in a community event – to address that which is missing from the overculture.



  • Compasses + straight edge.
  • Pencil, outliner pen, paint, markers or other media to colour – use your favourite mandala-making media.
  • If using paint, fresh water in a jar, to clean your brush/es + paper towel.
  • Paper suitable for your colouring media, optimal size 9 x 12” or at least A4.
  • Tracing paper (optional – for those not confident in drawing skills.)
  • Download the associated printable PDF (optional – for those not confident in drawing skills.)
  • Reference the associated Pinterest Board.


I’d love to see you there! Any questions – drop me an email and I’ll reply as soon as I’m able ♡

Ancestral Bodies Patreon Event Flyer