A Midsummer party you say? Foraging and medicinal herbs, creative conversations and a ceilidh to round it all off – all hosted at The Ecology Centre in Fife. It was a no-brainer for me to attend the launch event of The Woven Land Network, especially accompanied by dear friends and loved ones. 

We started off in Scottish summer sun that was hot and bright enough to burn our fair skin, and ended up in a torrential downpour, mega thunderstorms and the site much too wet to host the ceilidh band!

N’ary mind though, much fun was had. The people were cool. The activities were particularly enjoyable. The talks were inspirational. I was having way too much fun to capture everything I wanted on video, but it might just provide a taster of the spirit of the thing…

“The Woven Land Network is a Scottish focused voluntary collective network engaging with community in all parts of society to protect, conserve/restore, honour and advocate for Scotland’s community and folk heritage sites.

The Woven Land Network focuses on sites intrinsic to community & folk heritage –  holy wells, springs, standing stones, monuments, meeting places & other ancient sites. 

We focus on vulnerable or at risk sites with significant connection to community, oral history, folklore & people’s sense of identity.

We provide a network for interested volunteers to from all religions and backgrounds to collectively conserve & monitor these sites.”

Text extracted from the Network’s webpage – please visit directly to find out more and join in!