The Five Days of Mandala Magic is so much fun! It’s high-energy, though – with thousands of people taking part, I’m pretty much on my keyboard day and night, answering questions and replying to feedback.

This time around I’ve had so many people requesting access to the workshop since registration closed that I’ve opened it up again for those who didn’t make it in first time.

You can sign up over at the Five Days of Mandala Magic page here on the website. You’ll be asked to confirm your subscription and when you’ve done that, you’ll receive an email with instant access to the workshop – easy peasy!

All content is available until 2nd December, so there’s still time to enjoy all the lessons (or just visit one, if you fancy!)


flower of life

When I scheduled the dates back in October, I hadn’t figured in that the US Election would be right slap bang in the middle of our five days.

It seems that for many that was the perfect time to tune into the mandala symbol:

Love your workshop. Just what is needed at this very emotional time in America.

I’ve only created one lotus flower mandala with journaling, and felt the healing process during this time with current political events.

Thank you so much for “being there” when I needed you. I too am suffering from post election depression here in the US. I couldn’t even get out of bed till after noon. But I saw your email late last night and dragged myself out of bed, made my tea and sat down to begin watching your videos. The first video was watched thru tear filled eyes….but by the last video for day 1 I feel light entering my darkness. Truly a life raft on this sea of despair.

There is so much going on in the US right now. My spirit was so down and sad. I started to create this as the election news was coming out and found it a gift to see the strength of my spirit.

It’s great to know that this work can help to some degree in terms of dealing with our external environment, as well as exploring our inner world.

The mandala magic – it’s strong!