The second stage of the Great Round of Mandala (which provides our framework for Mandala Magic) is called Bliss.

This stage sees us grow in awareness, open to relationship and languorously enjoy the prospect of endless possibility. Soft light filters through to shine on our tender human soul and we gently relax in the recognition of it all.

eternally present mandala

The mandalas for this stage are typically fluid in design and this year I happened upon my favourite ever technique for these watery forms – working with Dylusions inks on Yupo paper.

Yupo is a synthetic, waterproof paper which lends itself most beautifully to working with fluid designs and materials.

The mandala below was one I discarded whilst practicing, but when I returned to it once it was dry, I couldn’t help but see so much beauty there!

your heart mandala

Once again, I’ve teamed up my mandalas with some #foundinspirations poetry created from the guidebook for this stage of the program.

surrender existence mandala

Sometimes when I come to glue the poems in to the journal with the mandalas, I decide to miss out a few lines from the original, or even combine some lines to create a new poem.

Looking at them again, I can see how I’d change the format of them even further, like this one;

Imagine your heart
moving the flow
and rhythm
of Life.

Can you feel
the Earth
to your Bliss?

Here are the original lines as I selected and snipped them out from the guidebook;

personal truth
tap into secrets
fertile space
poetic exercise
blissful awareness
life treasure
pay attention
embellish desire
the mandala
carelessly awakening
flow and rhythm
fluid form

* All images on this post shot on the iPhone 6s and edited using the ColorStory app for iOS.