It’s been a year of big medicine, this 2015. So much medicine for the year that I announced #iamtrulymadlydeeply. Looking back, I can see now how that hashtag most definitely manifested throughout the seasons.

Big medicine and distinctly few words to share… not that many images, either.

When I reflect on that fact, I find much freedom, space, truth and absolutely no regrets.

Still, it’s cool to look back and see that I did manage to record and share at least some of the mandalas that created themselves through these hands…

I’m quite interested to see how it all unfolds in 2016.

There’s likely to be plenty of Mandala Magic, of course – that circle has already gathered and begun conjuring.

There’s so much love for this program that I’ll be making a special announcement in the next couple of days. If you missed the deadline to join, keep your eyes peeled!

But this is not the time for looking forward. Instead, it’s time for getting comfortable and quiet, to honour those no longer with us, give thanks for all that’s brought us to the here and now and to offer ourselves in service to Life however She chooses to move through us.

Happy Hogmanay!