Phew! It’s been non-stop here in the studio as on Monday I welcomed over 2100 creative souls to the extravaganza that is the Five Days of Mandala Magic…

Learning from last year’s experience, I built in a free day between Days Three and Four. Partly because it’s a holiday in the United States : mostly because we all need a chance to take a breath – me especially! And today is that day – woohoo!

Offering up a free workshop on this scale is downright madness, to be honest. The tech involved has seen me pretty much chained to the computer (it’s only me, myself and I – and this is hardcore, haha!)

We managed to break the classroom registration system (which still hasn’t fully recovered) and hourly fire-fighting takes place around the clock as emails go missing (there is a novel being written somewhere created entirely from missing emails, I’m sure) and folk need some extra help to get them into the actual classroom.

These tech support issues are completely compensated by the wonderful comments and feedback shared by those who do manage to find the time to watch the video explanations and demonstrations. So many ‘wow’s and so much love. The mandala is a truly magical experience for all of us, beginners and old-hands alike.

Comments like these help remind me why I’m doing this work;

I am loving the insight that construction of a mandala, rather than simply coloring a mandala, provides. Your explanations are so well delivered – informative, impassioned and calming. Thank you so much for making this available.


WOW! Having the tools and guidelines to create our own design/template is so powerful! …. Need to rush to the shop to get me a compass and start rolling …. Can’t wait! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and making it so easy friendly.


Loved the days videos and all your sharing. I did find my compass and did all the lessons today. Loved the freehand part of the lotus blossoms which gave me confidence. You have certainly ‘kicked open’ the door of my creativity. Its been hiding away for some time, a bit like the compass. All my tools and pencils and drawing pads have come out to play. Thank you so much for your delightful sharing.


Yesterday’s videos were enlightening and engaging (I’m a day behind) – today’s videos spoke to my soul. As you paged through your little square journal I was mesmerized by the artwork, and wanted to immediately jump into my own journal and begin creating little magical circles. I’ve always been drawn to circular motifs, and now I’m beginning to see the why of it.

Only two more days to go! I’m sure I’ll be in need of a break by then, but I know I’ll miss all of the action of this last week.

No rest for the wicked, though, as Saturday sees the opening of registration for the 2016 round of the twelve month Mandala Magic program.

Onwards, onwards into the infinity of the circle! So grateful that I’m not the only one entranced by this all-encompassing symbol.