I’m never done saying it. Mandala Magic is all about the process. It isn’t about the product i.e. it doesn’t matter what the end result looks like. This is what makes art as Self exploration so valuable – anyone can do it!

The past two years I’ve worked on exploring each of the twelve stages of the Great Round of Mandala in my journal and revelled in the utilitarian aspect of the book itself. Because it’s a private journal, there’s no need to restrict myself in terms of what images I make, or words I use – and there’s never any criticism about what the mandalas themselves look like.

This is what I practice and what I demonstrate to participants.

Deciding to create actual art canvasses for my Mandala Magic 2015 inspired project has therefore been a real challenge for me. I’ve genuinely struggled. So much so, that I got very behind myself and decided I hated the project and was going to quit.

It’s so complex, though. So many layers to break through, or more accurately – to break down.

It’s just the same with any challenge we face : we need to demolish the stories upon stories, the thoughts upon thoughts – the monsters!

Sometimes, though, we simply need to walk away. That’s what I thought I was going to do this time around, but I knew if I did, the monsters would simply be hanging around, biding their time for the next art project.

It’s a fine line, this business. Which part is process, and which part is product? Taking time to get clear on that was the missing key.

Confusion really confuscates, haha 🙂

Get out of your own way. Slay the monster!

Great Round of Mandala Stage Four art canvas

Great Round of Mandala Stage Five art canvas

Great Round of Mandala Stage Six canvas art