eclipse happening

Lindsay’s event was timed to coincide with the March solar eclipse and the Spring Equinox – it was our Eclipse Happening!

I booked a flight for this one as soon as I heard from Lindsay what she was planning – a two-day event where we aligned ourselves in space, time and Body! Celestial and seasonal happenings were going on which presented us with an energetically-charged window to explore and embody the sacred mandala of self.

Despite being friends with Lindsay for over five years, and having the pleasure of participating in many online sessions of her unique take on Body Harmony™ work, this was to be my first opportunity to work ‘on the table’ with her – and was part of my ongoing dedication to being #iamtrulymadlydeeply all in for 2015!

We combined the significance of the celestial goings on and the Spring Equinox, with our personal intentions and the result for me was quite spectacular. My final session on the table saw complete relaxation into my Body Being and spontaneous laughter which I simply couldn’t (and wouldn’t) contain – such joy! There was this prolonged moment of true, total embodiment – and with it great recognition and gratitude for All That I Am.

Lindsay is such a grounded Being in her self and her guidance throughout the weekend was exquisitely offered and delightedly received. Thankfully, this heightened awareness of my Body Self – the subtle and not so subtle language spoken in every moment – did not vanish at the end of my time on the table. The conversation is continuing!

But oh, how the period between that solar eclipse and the just-passed lunar eclipse affected me! I found myself literally stopped in my tracks… deep, deep processing of release and renewal happening here.

Then the lunar eclipse waned and we have since been blessed with the most glorious warm spring sunshine. The sap is rising, the birdsong is rapturous and this Body Being is very happy right here and right now. That’s a blessing if ever there was!

And so may it be for you xo