the encircled self

Aho, art journalers! Last week I spent some time devising a workshop called The Encircled Self for Hali Karla’s SPECTRUM 2015 offering. As usual with my mixed media work, the aim was to create lots of deep meaning behind the piece and I amazed myself at how long I spent engaged in this process.

You see, Hali’s mission for Spectrum is that it will take you on a journey that will enhance your understanding of yourself and impact the way you engage and relate in all aspects of your life.

A perfect vehicle for my Artful Self Discovery  process and Mandala Magic, wouldn’t you know?

Here’s what you can expect from The Encircled Self;

A mandala journey to the sacred heart of you, this workshop invites you to undertake an artful self-discovery quest from the comfort of your creative space! We shall begin by creating the most basic of all mandalas, the circle, and bring it into physical form by way of a mandala disc. Our next task will be to seek out our symbolic nature by means of some journaling, before weaving this colourful fabric back into the welcoming embrace of the mandala. Completing our adventure together, we will activate the mandala magic in some unexpected ways.

Spectrum is on pre-order right now! Take a look see what else Hali has in store for youSpectrum is for you whether you are just beginning an art journal practice, or looking to enhance & spark a seasoned one – or simply looking for a fresh way to explore the rivers of your Mind~Body~Spirit~Nature experience.

Hope to see you there 🙂


If you are fascinated by drawing faces, then you might also wish to join me in creating your Inner Goddess mandala.

Last year, I devised this workshop for Effy Wild’s Radiant Faces collaboration. Effy has just made this workshop available as a self-study program. With eighteen lessons from nine artists, Radiant explores nine wildly different techniques with something to suit everybody.

Here’s a wee video I made about my contribution;

You can find out more here and participate straight away!

Coming soon : mandalas to colour in! Don’t miss it – make sure you’re signed up for news & updates.