Mandala Magic 2015 (artful self discovery)


So many scholarship applications were received in just one day, I’ve had to close the process, to allow me time to go through each one and select the best fit. So sorry to all of you have missed out this time. Thank you to everyone who has applied. Successful applicants will be informed by Friday 16th January.



I know that even with a monthly payment plan available, not everyone is able to afford the membership fees for Mandala Magic 2015, so this year I have secured 4 scholarship places!

Applications are open to those who feel a strong desire to work with the program, but who are unable to make the financial commitment.

How does the scholarship work?

Four memberships have been fully funded by these amazing sponsors:

Connie Solera

Connie Solera Photo

Connie Solera helps artists thrive as the great teachers, healers, and pioneers they are called to be. Since 2008, Connie has been sharing her passion and insight at and teaching art professionally for 20+ years. As the founder of FEARLESS® Painting, the 21 SECRETS art journaling program, and the IGNITE Online Intensive, Connie supports women in discovering their unique greatness, strengthening their trust in themselves, and learning how to fearlessly dance between the mystical and practical worlds of being an Artist. Connie’s greatest blessings are her son Phoenix, husband Hansel, and the incredible life they’ve crafted together around creativity and following their hearts!

Amy Palko

amy palko photo

Amy Palko is the creatrix of Red Thread Voices – a publishing house that aims to offer a home to the voice of exiled feminine, She is also a goddess guide, poet, photographer and lecturer whose work has been featured internationally. In 2014 she released her first collection of poetry From Revolutionary Lips. She currently lives in Edinburgh, Scotland with her husband and three teenage children, in their home that overlooks the deep harbour, and the wide mouth of the River Forth as it opens up to swallow the cold waters of the North Sea.

Effy Wild

effy wild headshot

My name is Effy, and I’m a journal artist & on line teacher. I like to write about art journaling, intentional creativity, creative business, and my personal and ever evolving brand of ‘woo woo magpie’ spirituality. I also tend to write a lot about my very ordinary life in an attempt to foster a sense of appreciation, mindfulness, and reverence for what IS. I overshare. 🙂 You have been warned!


peoplemaps logo

PeopleMaps has been pioneering online personality profiling since 2000. It is dedicated to helping people understand self and others. It is unique in the world of profiling as it does not use labels. Like Jung, PeopleMaps believes that we are all unique individuals. PeopleMaps doesn’t believe you can simplify something as complex as human personality into a word or two. Its personality reports and courses are a starting point to understand self and others.

Yep, that’s right – each scholarship place has been paid for – this isn’t the same as a prize draw!

Four successful applicants will receive standard membership access to Mandala Magic 2015 throughout the year. Their scholarship status will remain private, and only shared with their sponsor by permission.

At the end of the 2015 session, each member will be treated the same as any other alumni.

Thinking about applying?

  • The application process does not require you to divulge financial information, and relies on the integrity of all who enter to ensure that those with the best fit are accepted.
  • Mandala Magic 2015 requires a commitment of approx 3-6hrs per month, so if your circumstances mean you are unlikely to allocate that time, then do have a think about whether it is the right program for you.
  • Much of the content for the program is delivered on Vimeo video – please only apply if you have a reliable internet connection and are able to watch videos and read PDF files.
  • Your application details will remain completely private.
  • Awards will be made at my discretion and all decisions final.
  • Successful applicants will be notified by Friday 16th January.

It may be that you are interested in participating in Mandala Magic 2015 but don’t feel that your circumstances merit receiving a fully-funded scholarship. There isn’t currently a standard concessions rate available, but if you find yourself in this position, please use the application form to submit your situation. I’ll give every applicant due consideration and try and respond before our first lesson opens on 20th January.