Air Alchemy Shadow Card

How much would you wish to begin your year with a coven gathering?

How much would you wish to delve into the mystery of animal guides and archetypes?

How much would you wish to make your own personal deck of oracle cards?

Oh, wow – that much, really? You are a woman after my own heart 🙂

Here’s how you can …

The Inner Alchemy Circle: Air Coven – Animal Spirits & Archetypes begins on the full moon. Hosted by the beautiful Mindy Tsonas, in this circle we will embrace the wide open energy of emerging intuition, shake loose stories and create beauty around our own personal magic and mythology and begin a daring new adventure in exploring Inner Alchemy.

I’m one of your twelve Air Coven Guides. You can see the card I’ll introduce you to in the image above. I am properly excited to complete my deck – hope to see you there!