winter solstice light

The sun is setting. It’s  15:42 on the shortest day of the year (it rose at 08:44.)

As I light the candles in celebration of this shortest day and longest night, it occurs to me that we need the light, not to banish the dark – but so that we can be in the dark.

No matter our growth, our enlightenment, our success and accomplishments, there will always be darkness to face. The darkness simply never goes away.

But bringing the light in, being in the light – this is not an action we take to negate the dark. It’s an action we take to help us navigate, to help us see, and to allow us to exist in the midst of everything, all of it, no matter how it feels.

To each of you reading this, your family and friends, I wish for you light to illuminate your darkness, however and whenever it appears. Know that you can find the greatest of gifts there, if you choose to.

Brightest of winter solstice blessings to you! May you find peace and wellbeing during these holy days ahead.

(and for you there in the midsummer sun – may your days be long and langurous!)

Much love!