We’re in circle, each of us taking our turn to try and express the ineffable, and she says, “I have some words, would you mind if I share?”

The circle leans in towards her, at the same time each individual body sinks further into the ground underneath.

Some of us smiling and nodding, some with eyes closed, others with hands on heart – and all of our spines a-tingle, we listen to poetry that turns my insides out and then settles me back again, as it emits from her revolutionary lips.

This is no Women’s Institute gathering.

Seventh Veil extract

These words tell of madness and mystery. Of flesh and blood – and all our desires.

I have often sat in circle with Amy Palko as she has shared her poetry. It is such a life-affirming gift to receive.

Seeing her release it into the world was something of a momentous occasion for me.

It marked an important moment in my own personal revolution.

Truth begets truth, don’t you think?


When we are brave enough to share our madness and the truth of our desire, we can heal so many wounds, unseen and deeply hidden.

Dr Amy Palko – I salute you and your revolution, ready to face the mystery, heart-first.

I swear it.

Will you join us? From Revolutionary Lips is available now.