birthday altar

It was a magical birthday weekend, and I spent the entirety of it not working – yay! Instead, I spent the time with loved ones and dear soul sisters. I’m still basking in the haze of it all, if I’m honest 🙂

I didn’t forget about running a birthday giveaway this year, though – I just decided to do something different! You see, I wanted to run a giveaway for all the beautiful souls who have entered into the circle that is Mandala Magic 2015.

On offer? A free year’s membership to the circle, and these beautiful mandala books below.

mandala magic prize draw

I’d already organised a gathering of soul sisters from our women’s circle, and we we circled together on the evening of my birthday, aided and abetted by a beautiful Turkish-delight inspired Alchemical Chocolate™ drink.

Amongst a haze of aztec-spiced incense, we drew crystal lots to see who would choose the winner from the bowl of names. Black obsidian won, and so the name was ceremoniously selected. And the winner is…

and the winner is

Kate Robertson

Congratulations Kate! Thank you for joining our beautiful virtual circle  and may your year of mandalas bring you the greatest of insight, deep healing and much love – xo