Radiant : Faces

FACT ONE = Faces are fascinating (don’t take my word for it – go look in the mirror!)

FACT TWO = Artists have always been and always will be fascinated by faces.

FACT THREE = This October, I’ll be joining the fabulously glitter-fuelled Effy Wild and seven other a.m.a.z.i.n.g artists in the delivery of a faces-fuelled online workshop, Radiant:Faces, where we’ll each be delivering a class demonstrating how we artfully create portraits.

FACT FOUR = Each artist will focus on creating a different character including the Nymph, Mystic, Child, Girly Girl, Goddess, Artist, Dreamer, Stranger, & Watcher – and throughout, the focus will be on revealing these facets of your own self.

FACT FIVE = Registration is LIVE and open right now, with all the deets here.

FACT SIX = It’s an act of self-love. (It’s the season for it, don’t you know?)

FACT SEVEN = Sign up and I’ll meet you in October with an invitation to meet the Goddess.