It isn’t that I have forgotten about my website or you, dear reader … it’s just that I am doing stuff behind the scenes to make it super brilliant (for me and you!) Because I work slowly, this is taking a wee while, and so I thought I’d liven things up in the meantime with a new video I edited recently….

It’s a wee bit different from usual, although I am still working with the mandala form. It’s just a few minutes long, but I added some commentary you might find interesting.

Here’s the photo edit – I do love the gold, and the wonkiness of the geometry:

circles are sixy

That’s all I have for now. There is a plan in action to sparkle things up here on the front end as well as the back, so you’ll eventually get to see that. In the meantime, I’ll see if I can remember to head over and share some of the work I’ve been creating! Sending love to you and best wishes for the weekend xo

p.s. you can see more videos over at my Julie Gibbons Creates YouTube channel – I’m really getting to love the features for producers over at YouTube.