Something new for #foundinspirationsfriday – a video spark of inspiration for you.

Each morning I mark my entry into the studio by lighting a candle, and some incense. With each flame I set my intention to show up in my entirety, in service to dharma.

It’s a sacred ritual, there’s no doubt about it. For me, it’s a demonstration of my commitment to the work. If I’m just here to check in on the computer for emails and what not, then of course I won’t light the candle and only the scent of the previous day’s incense will linger to remind me of the nature of things.

Lighting a candle in church is an intention to pray for someone : This studio is my church, this work is my prayer.

What flames will you ignite today? How will you connect with your dharma?

p.s the candle is a Beeswax Church Pillar Candle in Sweet Honey Scent and the incense is Golden NAG PATCHOULI  by Vijayshree


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