The quality of some friendships that I have forged online is exceptionally high, but none more so than the relationship that I have with my soul sister, Amy Palko. This week’s Peak of the Week post is a little different because Amy and I got together to celebrate our friendship and honour the work we do individually (and together) by putting together a scholarship swap.

What’s a scholarship swap? Well, I am sponsoring a year long regular membership place in Amy’s Goddess Guidance Group, and in turn, Amy is sponsoring a twelve month membership to my Mandala Magic 2014 online programme.

Why is it better than a giveaway? We’re each paying for the spot on the other’s service, so neither of us is losing out in the money stakes – it’s a three-way win-win-win situation!

Here’s us waxing lyrical about the whole deal on video:

Here’s what I truly think about Amy and her work and why I’m doing this;

Do you believe in destiny? Amy Palko plays a key part in my destiny. Her grasp of the deep and complex symbology of the landscape of the psyche combines with her readiness to laughter to make her my ideal companion on this road to self actualisation. Amy is a living paradox – she is an old soul in a contemporary mind (and body!) – and she uses the best of these qualities to connect women to the symbolic life they crave. I want as many women around the world to benefit from Amy’s deep – and practical insight – so I’ve committed to offering a scholarship for a 12 month regular membership of the Goddess Guidance Group this year. Amy’s work with the goddess is far from ordinary and her skill in making the goddess symbology both meaningful and accessible is, in my experience, unsurpassed. The enhanced connection with the goddess (and Amy) that regular membership provides will make an enormous difference to someone’s life, and that’s why this is a scholarship offer rather than a free give away swap – I want to make it truly count!

Still need convincing? Amy’s Goddess Guidance has been running for over two years and I’ve been blessed to be there right from the get go. The community of women is of such a special quality, and I know it’s a safe space to explore goddess wisdom whenever I feel the call.

What happens in a Goddess Guidance Group? Well, each day, Amy offers a goddess reading for the day. It’s like a touchstone for you to explore the complex landscape of your own psyche, using the symbolic language of the goddess myths. On top of that, you’re able to join in with a monthly Goddess Party, where everyone is invited to explore their intuition by giving and receiving oracle readings to and from each other.

The enhanced level of subscription which we are offering in this swap includes monthly individual mini readings with support to develop a personal relationship with your goddess. Over time, you may begin to notice patterns forming in the kinds of goddesses stepping forward for you – they really do provide such a rich and fascinating contribution to making sense of your relationships, your work, your creativity, your sexuality, your various life roles and your life path.

You can also choose to participate in the weekly check-ins that will include opportunities to take part in a monthly visualisation and to create a goddess dreamboard: These will be an opportunity to share any connections you’ve been exploring between the events of your week and your goddess, any questions that you may have, and to receive any additional support.

Amy invites individual readings by request as and when members require additional support – only available to members of her Goddess Group.

If the goddess has been calling you but you have been unsure of whether to take the leap, now is the ideal time to take your chances with this special opportunity – it’s risk free and you won’t be asked to pay a penny towards full access to the benefits of regular membership – I’ve got that covered for you!

All you have to do to win a spot is follow the instructions in the nifty widget below. If you’re already a regular, plus or premium member of the Goddess Guidance Group, you can still enter, and if you’re lucky enough to win, choose a special someone to receive the scholarship place. Entry is open until 12pm (GMT) on Monday 27th January. We’ll announce the winners within 24 hrs!

Be sure to also head on over to Amy’s site and join in with our  scholarship swap there, for your chance to win membership to Mandala Magic 2014 – full and complete access to all class materials and the Facebook group from now until the end of December.

Good luck!

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