As I cast my mind back over the events of 2013, I’m filled with so many emotions. If you remember, my 2013 did not begin with a celebration of a New Year, like all the others before it; this year began with the greatest loss I’ve ever known.

I’m full up just with feeling into that experience. Remembering this time last year brings up so much hurt – the kind that bores deep, deep down through dermis, sinew and bone; the kind that never leaves your neural orbit, even for an instant. And then there’s the great, gaping, unfillable hole that is left in the wake of the loss itself…

But I’m also holding on to the absolute power of love, for love is what got me through it all then, and what pulls me through now. Even whilst holding the pain and the hurt and the loss in one hand – I can hold the love and the strength and the gifts in the other. It’s a paradox, baby, and I’m living it right here and now!

love heart

It is so very obvious that one of the greatest achievements of my 2013 has been the creation and completion of the Great Round of Mandala online programme. Launching the ecourse immediately after my beautiful mama’s passing was not an easy decision to make, but my soul knew all along that it was the right move.

This programme gave me many of the tools and a huge amount of the understanding I needed to pass through that major life event, and not lose it completely. I can’t begin to name all the ways in which I’ve grown and expanded as a result of all the research, learning, creating and sharing that’s happened.

As I was paying attention to just how far this programme has seen me develop both personally and professionally, I was casually wondering how much content I had created – so I launched my calculator app and added it up:

Great Round of Mandala 2013 Stats

They say it takes about 50,000 words to create a book, don’t they? I’ve always questioned if I had what it takes to write a book. I imagined that writing a book would be a gargantuan task, that would see me unwashed, living off pizza and incommunicado for at least five years. It turns out that ain’t necessarily so!

That dream I’ve long held, that I would one day write a book – well, it doesn’t seem quite so out of reach any longer … I wonder if 2014 will be the year that I properly set about the mission of creating a book?

A note for you: It’s food for thought, this reflecting and planning stuff. As you set about planning for the New Year, remember and leave some space for some unexpected, unnamed, unvoiced dreams to manifest…

Mandala Magic 2014

There’s still time to register for Mandala Magic 2014 before the first lesson is published on Wednesday 8th January. You’ll be joining a truly soulful circle of creatives, whose love and support for each other continues to astound me.

Just today, one of my Mandala Mavens anonymously provided a year’s scholarship to another member. That’s the calibre of membership and why I’m thrilled to be offering an added extra next year – a monthly online gathering for Mavens only, to commune across the many miles.

I’d be super thrilled if you were to consider joining in, too. You can join for a reduced subscription fee right now!

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