Edit the Bad Memoir

We’re learning all about grace this month as part of the twelfth stage of our journey on the Great Round of Mandala.

Grace isn’t a word that I often use outwith the context of style and movement. For the purposes of this  inner work, I have come to understand it as meaning to grant something freely with gratitude.

Experiencing our letting go/acceptance/allowing as an act of grace is truly openhearted and can only properly be achieved when we have reached a point of some alignment of ego and Self.

As I’m trying to sum up my response to include in the class materials, I find myself greatly aware of how the practice of grace is changing me.

I’m managing to edit all of the negative stories almost as soon as I’ve constructed (or repeated) them. The stories are often about me, but they’re  sometimes about other folk, and in some instances, memories from time past.

It’s a radical move – and it doesn’t always come easy. But it’s how the person I want to be lives everyday.

So, I am feeling into the possibility of practicing grace in all things.

I think there’s magic in it…

I love this extract on Opening to Grace from Suzanne’s Fincher’s The Mandala Workbook, (which we’ll be working with again in Mandala Magic 2014)

This stage marks the blissful coming together of a fragmented ego in a new alignment …. You can accept that the ego functions as an expression of the dynamism of the Self, your inner wisdom. You embrace the ego’s inability to know everything about who you are and accept trustworthy mystery as your companion.

Will you consider opening to grace, accepting mystery as your companion and editing your bad memoirs? Let’s do it together and change the world xo


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