Planning 2014

Are you starting to see all of those posts in your news feeds? You know the ones, where the most organised of the blessed people are recapping the year that’s just been and laying claim to the next.

How do they make you feel? If you’re like me, your response could be any one of the following;

  • I need to get my arse in gear and get on with my own planning.
  • How on earth does she manage to find the time to do this already?
  • What date can I schedule in my turn of the year work?
  • Slow down, please slow down – I’m already a month behind schedule!

The truth is, these turn of the year activities are important checkpoints in our personal development diaries and the turning of the calendar year coincides very nicely with some pretty major holidays and festivals across the globe.

For those of us who try to live our lives attuned to the seasons and cycles, then we are naturally inclined towards acknowledging and celebrating the significant points in the turning of the wheel.

Winter solstice is one of the most significant of those festivals and is a perfect junction between the current year and the one to come.

So, that’s when I’m planning to take care of some of my ’rounding off 2013′ and ‘welcoming 2014’ work.

Here’s how I do it …

3 activities for you to round off 2013 and welcome 2014

Great Round of Mandala stage 12

I’m already doing a lot of this work for the twelfth and final stage of The Great Round of Mandala, so I’ll be well prepared: this stage for me so far, is mainly about reflection and realignment.

But unless you’ve been hiding in a rock, you already know about Mandala Magic.

This year, I’ll be combining my mandala magic with three beautiful offerings from some beautiful creative souls. You might already know them. You might already have started work with one or two of them. My recommendation to you is that you combine all three {preferably with some mandala magic} and lay the foundation of a truly amazing year ahead.

Unravelling 2014

Unravelling 2014

Susannah’s workbook is downloaded by many hundreds of creative souls each year. I worked through it for the first time back in 2011/2012, so I’ll be using it for the third year in a row. If you are into using words, then it’s a delicious, in-depth way of journaling out the year gone by, and the year to come.

Susannah’s workbook is available to download at no charge.

Vision Card WorkshopVision Card Workshop

“This class is for all dreamers and for dreams of all sizes. No art experience is required. You do not have to have a clear vision to participate. You simply have to know there are dreams in your heart, waiting to be seen.” This will be my second year of making vision cards with Jamie.

Jamie’s workshop is open for registration until 15th January 2014.

2014 My Word Goddess Reading

Word Goddess Reading“How would it feel to walk through 2014 knowing that you had a goddess at your side? Your very own goddess guide who keeps you coming back to you, back to what’s important, back to your path.” Amy’s 2014 offering comes in the form of a 17 page PDF, with 6 creative invitations for you to work with your Goddess of the Year – it’s the third year in a row, that I’ll be using this particular brand of wisdom to help shape my year ahead.

Amy’s readings are available to purchase until 6th January 2014.

What about you? Have you started already? What activities are you using to wrap up this year?