Welcome to Mandala Monday – a new series here at Julie Gibbons Creative, where I’ll be posting something about my mandala practice most weeks. I had planned to save the start of the series until the new year, but I’m currently welcoming people on board the 2014 Mandala Magic online programme, so it seemed daft to wait!

A couple of weeks ago, with a mind to launching the programme, I decided to create a video trailer for it.

It all happened early one Thursday evening (or was it, afternoon?: both are equally as dark as the other at this time of year.) I had a mind that short clips of me explaining how this regular mandala practice has proved to be so magical to me over the previous year would be of interest to anyone considering subscribing for 2014.

I have no real grasp of how to work iMovie – which is the editing package that comes with the iMac – beyond some pretty basic stuff. But I am keen to see what happens when I play, and what better way to play than to make video trailers for your upcoming ecourse?

By the time I inserted the clips into the movie trailer themes provided by Apple, there was nothing much left of what I had to say, but I was enjoying the overall effect! It was proper good fun – and I stumbled upon something that gave me the best laugh I’d had in ages.

Quite unintentionally, I’d managed to create a gothic style trailer, which was truly my favourite of the bunch. It didn’t make the cut for the real Mandala Magic info page – but it was too good to keep under wraps and so I thought what better way than to kick off a new series on the blog, than to present to you…

Mandala Magic… the Gothic production:

Want to see what video did make the cut? Then head over to the Mandala Magic info page (and if you’re interested in making some mandala magic together, there’s a special deal on subscription that might just be of interest!)