Surviving Anyway

When we are privileged and able, we can choose greatness.

But those are not usually the stories we find inspirational.

More often, we are inspired by the under privileged who find greatness.

Those are the kinds of stories we like to turn into legend.

We believe somewhere deep down inside that only through great suffering can we find redemption.

Even for the privileged, it is true that somewhere along the way, shit happens.

Some of it is way bigger and messier than others.

But we each have to face the vagaries of a human existence, however privileged.

We, each of us, have seen the strength that evolves from a shitty event or circumstance.

Yet we cast judgement over who is more deserving of the accolade of greatness, depending upon the scale of shittiness they’ve overcome.

You are lucky, we think. You have not had to deal with [insert your preferred shitty life event.]

But look at her, we say – she has managed to do it all, even while she has had to deal with [insert the worst thing you can imagine.]

The scale of greatness is entirely your invention. You get to choose the measurements you use at anytime.

And here you are, surviving, no matter what happens.

Here you are, evolving through your human existence.

Gaining strength from the darkest of moments.

You are an inspiration.


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