One thing that I emphasise in the Great Round of Mandala ecourse is that a mandala does need to be a painting or drawing to count!

Autumn is my favourite time to create nature mandalas and the festival of Hallowe’en or Samhain (I seem to celebrate both ideas) is a perfect opportunity to harness the beauty of nature in this way.

Gathering fallen leaves, branches, berries and other foliage is easy at this time of year, especially after stormy weather. Use a decorative plate and decorate the circular shape with your autumnal treasure. It makes a great centrepiece for your table.

Nature Halloween Mandala

Many believe that the veil between the worlds of the dead and the living are so thin at this time of year that there may be some crossover. We started up a family tradition a few years ago, of setting an extra place at our dinner table, in honour of those close to us who had passed over. Lighting the candle allows them to find their way home.

I hadn’t thought of this as a mandala before now. A sacred container for our thoughts and memories of those we’ve lost. Of course, this year will be extra poignant for us.

Halloween Blessings

Will you create a mandala in honour of this festival? What significance will it hold for you?

Brightest of blessings to you and yours, however you choose to celebrate (or not!)