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To celebrate the launch of her book, Thrashing About With God, Mandy Steward (aka Messy Canvas) asked some friends to share a guest post about their own #iamthrashing journeys.

My post, The Alchemy of Thought Into Form is now live over at Mandy’s new site – I combined an art poster with some words around my own spiritual/faith timeline.

I’d promised Mandy a response to her work a few months back, but when it came to writing about this aspect of my life, the words kept morphing just out of reach. It was almost as if as soon as I captured the words, I was applying labels and general sweeping statements that seemed to constrict the conversation, rather than expand it.

That’s generally how I feel about much of the spiritual/faith content I come across – I constrict. When someone declares a particular viewpoint, I often shut myself off from receiving it.

From a standpoint that freedom is paramount, my objection to labels and movements (believing them to be exclusionary) has seen me (respectfully) reject conversations, explorations and expansion.

I wonder what would happen if I opened up ; if I let that content flow through me?

There is no right or wrong way, of course. The key, I suspect is to embrace fluidity.

Please consider this invitation to join in the conversation.