21 SECRETS Spring Collage

It’s creative practice day here at Julie Gibbons Creative, and that make it the perfect time to talk about this : 21 SECRETS 2014 is announced today – woohoo! hooray! yay!

Thanks to Connie at Dirty Footprints Studio, who organises and hosts this party of art journal wonder and goodness, I am so very thrilled to be included in this sea of creative faces!

I’ll let you into a secret … before I met Connie and Dirty Footprints Studio, I had absolutely no idea that there was such a community of people, and I had never before come across the term “art journal”! That was back in 2010 – it seems like another lifetime ago!

Almost as soon as I discovered Connie, I  soon set about registering for 21 SECRETS 2010 – and a whole new world opened up to me. Here’s the mission for 21 SECRETS;

Each 21 SECRETS art journaling workshop is lead by an inspiring, heart-centered Artist who is eager to share their passion and love for creativity with you. Through videos, written content, and tons of visuals you can journey your way through this tapestry of inspiration, creativity, and healing energy! Grab your art journal and letʼs go!

I’ve only ever registered for four art journaling classes, and only completed lessons in two of them. 21 SECRETS is one of those two!

What I’m loving about the energy for this year’s course, is that there is a clear synergy between the teachers and workshops on offer. It is a perfect expression of the call to use our art journals to explore our soul work – to go on the journey to the centre of self. Can you feel it?

For me, this is what my art journal represents. It is a magical container for the expression of my consciousness, and the exploration of my soul. Where I struggle to articulate my inner work in cohesive writing, my art journal allows me to express the inexpressible.

I Am Letters

I am so excited to participate in this wondrous gathering of soulful creative spirit!.

There’s so much more to tell you, but I’ll space it out. Next week, I’ll let you know a wee bit more about the workshop I’ll be running, called Psyche’s Tattoo Parlour.

(p.s. You might be savvy enough to realise that all the links to 21 SECRETS 2014 use an affiliate code. This means that each teacher has their own code and receives a small reward for each sale they refer, through their links.)